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Join Chantelle Simone, your Life Purpose Engineer, as she share how to use the human mind to live your God-given purpose. She uses mind-body-spirit techniques to help achieve desired results that awakens & shifts you to a live of PURPOSE.

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August 22, 2019

The true source of self-love 6-part series With the many definitions of love that exist, let me share with you why starting with self-love is the most important thing next to God. Consider this… She humbly walks with pride Unconsciously confident with every stride Her internal glow warms her heart The peace with self, she’ll…

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Decisions The average adult makes up to 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day (according to UNC-TV Science). We make a decision, and our decision makes us. Every choice we make opens a new door that defines our circumstances in life. What are your key considerations when making a decision? I was once faced with the…

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August 8, 2019

One of the most underlying questions people have when it comes to love, self-love, and listening to their inner voice is… HOW do I do it?!!!! This article is part four of the series on “The True Source of Self-Love”. So by now you already know that: Self-love doesn’t come from… SELF!! While it is…