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"Chantelle helped me feel more confident and sure about my path in entrepreneurship. I used to feel scattered and now I am totally clear. I highly recommend working with her."


Cherene Francis

Media Personality

"This was wonderful; Chantelle is very skilled at accurately and practically breaking down very complex topics. I got a few "aha" moments. Looking forward to attending future sessions."


Ife Badego

Founder at iN4SUCCESS

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Meet Chantelle Simone

Chantelle Simone is recognized as a prominent leader in the field of Mind-Mastery. As a Mindologist with over 17 years in the training and coaching industry, Chantelle has helped thousands of people shift their thinking. She obtained five master certifications in the Mind-Mastery field including Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Business Process Re-engineering.

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The True Source of Self-Love: #6 Embodying Love

By Chantelle | August 22, 2019

The true source of self-love 6-part series With the many definitions of love that exist, let me share with you why starting with self-love is the most important thing next to God. Consider this… She humbly walks with pride Unconsciously confident with every stride Her internal glow warms her heart The peace with self, she’ll…

True Source of Self-Love: #5 Choose you

By Chantelle | August 12, 2019

Decisions The average adult makes up to 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day (according to UNC-TV Science). We make a decision, and our decision makes us. Every choice we make opens a new door that defines our circumstances in life. What are your key considerations when making a decision? I was once faced with the…

The True Source of Love Series: #4 - Connecting to Love

By Chantelle | August 8, 2019

One of the most underlying questions people have when it comes to love, self-love, and listening to their inner voice is… HOW do I do it?!!!! This article is part four of the series on “The True Source of Self-Love”. So by now you already know that: Self-love doesn’t come from… SELF!! While it is…

The True Source of Self-Love Series: #2 — Seeking love

By Chantelle | August 2, 2019

People look for love outside of themselves to fill a void on the inside. The challenge is that you are looking to solve an inside problem with an outside solution. Self-love is internal; we need to fill your own cup then give externally from your overflow. The moment you look on the outside to satisfy…

The True Source of Self-Love Series: #3 — Protect What Goes in Your Mind

By Chantelle | August 2, 2019

There are many forces fighting for the precious real estate in your mind. The more influence one has on the way you think, the more they can control your outcomes. People influence your mind by painting a picture of an outcome you desire, by presenting a perspective that may compromise your beliefs to get that…

The True Source of Self-Love Series: #1 – No Love, No Value

By Chantelle | July 17, 2019

The absence of love is nothing. Often times we look for love in our partners, friends, family or other things outside ourselves. When love is internal that connects to all things. How can we give something if we don’t possess it ourselves? One of the major challenges today is that most people have more self-hate…

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