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Gain clarity on what's holding you back, instantly.

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We are all looking for solutions, but caught in the opinions of others. Stop it.

It has taken your mind, your time, your friends, your energy, essentially…your life. From mental health challenges to suicidal thoughts to depression to jealousy, self-sabotage, thinking the worst causing anxiety, or even living a facade that you have to be strong and everything is okay when it's not.

Aren’t you tired of smiling on the outside, yet feeling empty on the inside? Being unfulfilled is not the plan, it’s time to live on purpose.

Live your truth, reconnect with your authentic self, and start living a purposeful life now. Isn’t it time?


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"Chantelle Simone is a very passionate, powerful leader of this next generation of speakers. Being a Mindologist, she provides the tools and resources that leverage the power of the mind to shift people's thinking and life to the next level. She will pull the greatness out of you!"


~ Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker

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Chantelle Simone with Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time.

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Meet Chantelle Simone

Your Mindologist, who shares how to remove the frustration of having repeat problems in life, the anxiety of having to keep up with perceived success on the outside, but feeling empty on the inside or the anticipation of being able to achieve more out of life. Learn how to use the most powerful tool given to men & women — the mind — to overcome obstacles and be truly fulfilled by living your God-given purpose.

She uses mind-body-spirit techniques to help achieve desired results that awakens and shifts you to a life of PURPOSE.

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Feeling stuck, not knowing what life decision to make next?

Unsatisfied with your current work or business results?

Is your emotional baggage from the past holding your future hostage?




Success Stories

"Chantelle helped me feel more confident and sure about my path in entrepreneurship. I used to feel scattered and now I am totally clear. I highly recommend working with her."


Cherene Francis

Media Personality

"This was wonderful; Chantelle is very skilled at accurately and practically breaking down very complex topics. I got a few "aha" moments. Looking forward to attending future sessions."


Ife Badego

Founder at iN4SUCCESS

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