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 STOP second guessing yourself.                                               STOP lying to yourself.                                                               START owning who you truly are!

Get to the core & truth about you to find freedom in knowing your purpose, making an impact on others & living your best life!

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The "Clear The Crap Kit" is designed to transform your thinking. To be aware of your thoughts and how they impact your everyday decisions. So you have control to create more empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities. Anything less is crap.

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Feeling stuck, not knowing what life decision to make next?

Unsatisfied with your current work or business results?

Is your emotional baggage from the past holding your future hostage?

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Chantelle Simone is recognized as a prominent leader in the field of Mind-Mastery. As a Mindologist with over 17 years in the training and coaching industry, Chantelle has helped thousands of people shift their thinking.  She obtained five master certifications in the Mind-Mastery field including Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Business Process Re-engineering.

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"This was wonderful; Chantelle is very skilled at accurately and practically breaking down very complex topics. I got a few "aha" moments. Looking forward to attending future sessions."

Ife Badego
Founder at iN4SUCCESS

"Being a left-brainer in the corporate industry for over 17 years really doesn’t allow much room for creativity. When I took Chantelle’s passion program it helped me reconnect with my intuition, imagination and passion again. I never thought something was missing in my life until that program! I realized how important being BALANCE was. It brought so much awareness to my attention and I’ve beginning to feel more joy and complete in my personal transformation."

Dineene G
Financial Consultant

"Chantelle helped me feel more confident and sure about my path in entrepreneurship. I used to feel scattered and now I am totally clear. I highly recommend working with her."

Cherene Francis
Media Personality

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