Greetings, pleasure to e-meet you. I am Chantelle Simone, Personal Transformation Expert and Life Purpose Mentor. I'm here to facilitate mind blowing transformative tools and techniques to help you overcome obstacles, gain clarity on what you desire and start to be more fulfilled in your life & vocation.


How would your life be different if you were able to be an impactful leader, be the best version of yourself, wake up each day with purpose and serve others authentically?


Live on Purpose

1 Day Workshop
April 4, 2017

Discover your vision & dreams for your life and learn how to live on purpose.

Self Mastery & Excellence

4 Day FasTrak™ Intensive Course
May 19-22, 2017

Use the language of the mind to consistently achieve your desired outcomes. 


Success Stories

Working with Chantelle was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made for my personal growth and leadership skills. Chantelle’s authentic and powerful energy gave me permission to let go of who I felt I needed to be in order to become who I was destined to be. She modelled to me how to tap into my inner greatness. I’ve always desired being a high level impact player who is truly serving others while living a purposeful freedom life. I’ve never met someone who is so extremely congruent with spirit and success at the same time. She has mastered these simple, practical and effective techniques that helped me breakthrough many stubborn layers of belief within myself and helped me realigned with my values. We had powerful sessions that kept taking my mindset to the next level and I’ve never been so excited to live on purpose and for the women I am becoming. Things have never been so clear and focused and that to me is PRICELESS!

Shirley Tran, Freedom Lifestyle Coach at

This was wonderful; Chantelle is very skilled at accurately and practically breaking down very complex topics. I got a few "aha" moments. Looking forward to attending future sessions.

Ife Badego, Founder at iN4SUCCESS

Being a left-brainer in the corporate industry for over 17 years really doesn’t allow much room for creativity. When I took Chantelle’s passion program it helped me reconnect with my intuition, imagination and passion again. I never thought something was missing in my life until that program! I realized how important being BALANCE was. It brought so much awareness to my attention and I’ve beginning to feel more joy and complete in my personal transformation.

Dineene G, Financial Consultant