Chantelle Simone – Experience Peace of Mind & Fullness of Spirit


Zodiac Sign –  Scorpio

Nationality – Canadian-Caribbean

Favorite Food  – Yes! lol #foodie

Downtime – Beach, Music, Fam Jam, Holy Spirit, Mother Nature

“I hold the mirror to the world of beauty that lives within you. Let’s clear the lens and take a look inside.”

Chantelle Simone

Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Chantelle Simone ...

As a mindologist, I recognize my gift to help ambitious women quiet the chaos and bring internal harmony to their life. My vision is to bring glory to God by activating women to be more spiritually aligned, mentally equipped, and physically able to be whom they were designed to be, daily. Through private mastermind groups, exclusive private events, expert spotlights, power-packed experiential courses, community collaboration, and more... I bring you innovative principles and practical techniques that you can apply to your life to renew your thinking, know your true identity and have a deeper connection to yourself & God. I am creating a new force for Women Leaders globally actualizing their inner truth and unleashing their mission with a supportive community.

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life on a quest for the best tools for every woman to use to release the resistance and end the battle in the mind. I’m passionate about seeing you “get it” and you feeling alive in your mind, body, and spirit. Your truth is tangible and you deserve to experience the fullness of your bountiful gifts.

Your Truth Is Tangible

There’s greatness in store for YOU!

• Reshape your mental and spiritual wellness
• Build a better relationship with self & God
• Meditate to glean the answers you are looking for

It's time to come alive, with peace of mind and build your legacy!

"Chantelle will pull the greatness out of you!"

~ Les Brown

Board Designated Training Institute
1 of 500 NLP Trainers World Wide.

What I stand for

Align to the God Within

Many women spend their life warring in the mind, confused about their purpose, and struggling to walk in their spiritual prowess. It produces an internal battle causing plaguing feelings of defeat, loss, depression, anxiety and more.

This can send an extraordinary woman into a downward spiral unless she has evolved in these 4 things ---->>>

Purpose & Identity

Know who you are and your unique impact that you can make in this world.

Mental Wellness

Nurture your inner oasis by prioritizing your self-care, wellness, and overall peace.

Spiritually Minded

Lean into your power and faith though recognizing how spiritual life is.

Community Driven

Stop doing it alone and accepting less.
Start collaborating & be authentically you!

Not sure what you need next?

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Discussing relevant topics for women in business. Renew your thinking, access deeper spiritual truths, gain TANGIBLE results and use your God-given gift 🎁 to rock the world! 🙌🏾👑❤️ Join the conversation!


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Belong to a safe space for women leaders

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