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Why Don’t We Speak Up When We Need Help?

If you’re going through a challenge, if you need help in a business, or if you’re looking for progression in your life, here’s a question to consider right up front — why don’t people ask for help? It’s a common issue for a lot of people. For many, it’s about being an independent person that doesn’t depend on others. 

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What Are We Thinking?

Did you know that mental disorders affect over 25% of the population? Nearly ⅔ of those people never seek help from a professional. So why don’t we do this? Clearly we need it!

If you know you have a challenge and you can find the solution, why wouldn’t we open our mouths? All too often, it’s easy to have an “I got this” mentality that leads to pushing things under the rug. We keep doing this and doing this and what that ends up looking like is depression and anxiety. It ends up looking like burnout in your workplace. It ends up looking like burnout with your family. It’s incredibly common for people to go through these things, but not want to seek help.

What Do You Think?

Take a look at this video that Chantelle recently recorded as part of the Wake Up and Live Show. It covers the same question as we’re discussing in today’s post — why don’t people ask for help? In the video, Chantelle asks viewers this question. The responses? There’s judgement behind asking for help. There’s fear of what others will think. 

The truth is that everyone else is going through something as well. Although it’s easy to think that we’re alone, the reality is that if we would simply take the time to speak up, we’d find solace in the fact that others are in the same situation we are. 

Here’s another question to consider — if we realize we’re not alone in our challenges, would we be embarrassed or fearful to talk about them? Whether it’s a problem with finances, an issue with our work, or a challenge at home, would we be afraid to discuss those things with those around us?

Re-Discover the True You!

As we mentioned above, this is a topic that Chantelle dives into in a recent episode of Wake Up and Live entitled Why We Don’t Speak up When We Need Help, so be sure to watch it. You’ll find plenty of helpful wisdom, insight, and courage.

Of course, you can also sign up for one of Chantelle Simone’s programs that meet you where you are and challenge you to improve. 

At the end of the day, you have the power to create the life you want — and Mindologist Chantelle Simone can help! Sign up for a class today.