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The Re-Thinking Trap

Have you ever talked yourself into or out of something? In today’s post, we’re discussing some key insights on why that is and what we can do about it. This is also a topic that Chantelle recently covered on the Wake Up and Live Show, so take a look at that video or feel free to follow along right here.

What’s Holding You Back?

No matter where you are in your life, the topic today is conquering the little chatter in our brains that tells us not to pursue our dreams. Have you ever gotten weighed down in all of the reasons you shouldn’t instead of thinking about all of the reasons you should? You’re not alone!

When you have a negative thought like that, what we need to do on an unconscious level is to stop, consider what’s happening, and do what we can to avoid the path that leads to frustration and depression. In other words, it’s a #ThoughtCatch.

Instead, remind yourself that you can do this, that you’re perfect the way you are, that you’re getting better, and that you’re thriving.

The Power of Your Ideas

“I need a self-care day.” “I have a great idea for a business.” “Here’s my plan for how I’m going to tackle the day.” We’ve all had ideas like this — but then comes the second thought. “Maybe I shouldn’t do the whole day.” “That business won’t succeed.” “I don’t really need to do all of that.”

In other words, you’re negotiating with yourself. 

When is the last time you had an idea and you thought yourself out of it? To see what experiences others are having and discover some of Chantelle’s helpful insights, be sure to check out The Re-Thinking Trap from Chantelle’s Wake Up and Live Show.

Reconnect To Your Truth

Mindologist Chantelle Simone is here to help you rediscover your truth in life. You have the power to overcome the mental limitations that are keeping you from your purpose. You can gain clarity on the things that are holding you back. You can find solutions that empower you to get rid of distractions.

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