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The True Source of Love Series: #1 – No Love, No Value

Jul 17, 2019

The absence of love is nothing.

Often times we look for love in our partners, friends, family or other things outside ourselves. When love is internal that connects to all things. How can we give something if we don't possess it ourselves?

One of the major challenges today is that most people have more self-hate than they do self-love.

This may seem slightly appalling yet if we zone in on that internal self-talk, many people have the not or too pattern. “I’m not good enough” “I’m not smart enough” “I’m too fat” “I’m too thin” – just to name a few. These don’t reflect loving thyself. We may not always vocalize these words, but it’s our inner thoughts, which are often demoralizing and self-sabotaging, that run the show.  According to Huffington Post Publication, Four of five Women Have Low Self Esteem. There is a clear absence of inner self-love in our lives.

The most shocking aspect of this...

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How to Access the True Source of Love!

Jul 17, 2019

Today I'm sharing a review I did from a Red Table Talk episode done by Jada Pickett Smith and her family. The episode topic was "What men really think about love" and she had a single man and a married man come share their views. The main -unspoken - undercurrent I picked up on was "self-love". 

Hearing the perspectives on how the journey to love was a struggle and the fact that Award-winning Hip Hop Artist Wale, said on set " this sounds so painful" (smile), I decided to do a review to give a different perspective on the true source of love and how to access it.

Watch the video and comment below with you thoughts on our true source of love and purpose. Would love to know how this resonates with you.

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Why we are & what we need to realize to truly live!

Jul 16, 2019

My story started with one question. Why are so many people suffering, frustrated and unsatisfied in life? Regardless of the blueprint that we were told - go to school, get good grades and get a job- I knew there was more to life beyond what we were living. I started looking for answers, anywhere I could find them. I studied people’s experiences, scriptures, science and different cultures as I traveled the world, until one day it clicked. I realized that there is a gold mine inside us, with more than we could imagine yet we are too distracted looking outside of ourselves for the answers to truly connect with it. It was as if I was digging through all the layers of the false conditioning that has been taught to us, to get to the core — the truth about us. It was through this process of discovery, self-discovery, that I was able to connect to who I am and why I am here. I found my purpose now I’m here to help others reconnect to their own.

Living on...
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