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The True Source of Self-Love: #6 Embodying Love

Aug 22, 2019

The true source of self-love 6-part series

With the many definitions of love that exist, let me share with you why starting with self-love is the most important thing next to God.

Consider this…

She humbly walks with pride

Unconsciously confident with every stride

Her internal glow warms her heart

The peace with self, she’ll never part

Some may ask “what is your source?”

She answers assertively, with no remorse

She reflects upon the day she began

The day she decided to take a stand

To satisfy her soul… To begin to feel whole

She took time to live… To intrinsically forgive

And discovered her true source of self-love

Transcended her spirit, as a precious dove

Connected to the highest source

With love, peace, and joy as its reward

Her understanding shifted still

It allowed her to experience the thrill

Of knowing the work is already done

It's our God, our Master, the creator to succumb

That is when it all becomes clear.

Where joy and love is what...

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True Source of Self-Love: #5 Choose you

Aug 15, 2019


The average adult makes up to 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day (according to UNC-TV Science). We make a decision, and our decision makes us. Every choice we make opens a new door that defines our circumstances in life. What are your key considerations when making a decision?

I was once faced with the toughest decision of my life. It was a matter of life or death, standing up for myself or settling for what I had, continuing on or starting over. I had to decide whether to abstain from a situation that wasn’t serving me or stick with it hoping things will work out.

Moving forward with this decision would cause pain for my family, challenges my spirituality, and abandon my lifestyle. Staying would compromise my value, degrade my worth, and foster an environment of complacency.

How do we deal with tough decisions?

Should I walk away from my marriage or fight for it?

My first instinct was to rationalize how to make it work, to endure the...

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The True Source of Love Series: #4 - Connecting to Love

Aug 08, 2019

One of the most underlying questions people have when it comes to love, self-love, and listening to their inner voice is… HOW do I do it?!!!! This article is part four of the series on “The True Source of Self-Love”. So by now you already know that:

Self-love doesn’t come from… SELF!! While it is about loving yourself first before you can love others, we are not to draw upon ourselves for that love. We need to connect to a higher power, a greater force, the entity that created us, God. (review article #2 for more on this).

The Flow of love is → GOD, SELF, OTHERS. We connect to God through our inner self and God fills us with love. We experience self-love knowing its true source and are full enough to share that love with others. (review article #2 for more on this).

We must quiet the mind and protect what goes in to maintain organic thoughts. Our disruptive thoughts are NOT our own. We are taught self-hate and have abandoned...

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The True Source of Self-Love Series: #3 — Protect What Goes in Your Mind

Aug 02, 2019

There are many forces fighting for the precious real estate in your mind. The more influence one has on the way you think, the more they can control your outcomes. People influence your mind by painting a picture of an outcome you desire, by presenting a perspective that may compromise your beliefs to get that appealing result.

Be mindful of what you allow into your mind. It all starts with a thought or a suggestion. The serpent created the thought in Eve’s mind by suggesting that she could be as powerful as God, which made her eat the apple. He didn’t say – “eat this apple.” He invaded her mind by suggesting something and created a picture that she would desire. And with that, he was able to influence her actions - she ate the apple.

Who are you allowing to get into your mind? Who is currently programming you?

You are the sum total of what you allow to condition the way you think. Your friends, family, coworkers, music, television, education,...

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The True Source of Self-Love Series: #2 — Seeking love

Aug 02, 2019

People look for love outside of themselves to fill a void on the inside.

The challenge is that you are looking to solve an inside problem with an outside solution. Self-love is internal; we need to fill your own cup then give externally from your overflow. The moment you look on the outside to satisfy something on the inside there’s a break in the system.

You’ve heard the saying “looking for love in all the wrong places”. That’s because we spend so much time, intentionally or unintentionally, looking to fill the void with something that gives you value: your job, family, relationships, material things, substances, your surroundings, and even experiences.

If it’s not the boyfriend, it’s the job. If it’s not the job, it’s the drugs. If it’s not drugs, it’s alcohol. If it’s not alcohol, it’s sex. If it’s not sex, it’s shopping. If not shopping, it's eating. The list goes on and on.

If you...

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The True Source of Self-Love Series: #1 – No Love, No Value

Jul 17, 2019

The absence of love is nothing.

Often times we look for love in our partners, friends, family or other things outside ourselves. When love is internal that connects to all things. How can we give something if we don't possess it ourselves?

One of the major challenges today is that most people have more self-hate than they do self-love.

This may seem slightly appalling yet if we zone in on that internal self-talk, many people have the not or too pattern. “I’m not good enough” “I’m not smart enough” “I’m too fat” “I’m too thin” – just to name a few. These don’t reflect loving thyself. We may not always vocalize these words, but it’s our inner thoughts, which are often demoralizing and self-sabotaging, that run the show.  According to Huffington Post Publication, Four of five Women Have Low Self Esteem. There is a clear absence of inner self-love in our lives.

The most shocking aspect of this...

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How to Access the True Source of Love!

Jul 17, 2019

Today I'm sharing a review I did from a Red Table Talk episode done by Jada Pickett Smith and her family. The episode topic was "What men really think about love" and she had a single man and a married man come share their views. The main -unspoken - undercurrent I picked up on was "self-love". 

Hearing the perspectives on how the journey to love was a struggle and the fact that Award-winning Hip Hop Artist Wale, said on set " this sounds so painful" (smile), I decided to do a review to give a different perspective on the true source of love and how to access it.

Watch the video and comment below with you thoughts on our true source of love and purpose. Would love to know how this resonates with you.

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Why we are & what we need to realize to truly live!

Jul 16, 2019

My story started with one question. Why are so many people suffering, frustrated and unsatisfied in life? Regardless of the blueprint that we were told - go to school, get good grades and get a job- I knew there was more to life beyond what we were living. I started looking for answers, anywhere I could find them. I studied people’s experiences, scriptures, science and different cultures as I traveled the world, until one day it clicked. I realized that there is a gold mine inside us, with more than we could imagine yet we are too distracted looking outside of ourselves for the answers to truly connect with it. It was as if I was digging through all the layers of the false conditioning that has been taught to us, to get to the core — the truth about us. It was through this process of discovery, self-discovery, that I was able to connect to who I am and why I am here. I found my purpose now I’m here to help others reconnect to their own.

Living on...
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