Avoid re-living your past

Stop allowing negative emotions hold you back

Gain mental clarity to live your inspired life!

I want to stop the mental madness.  I'm ready to Clear the Crap!

When enough is enough and you're ready to take your life back.


What's Included?

Personalized Assessment

Determining the root of your challenge & any negative programming.

3 Part Video Series

Understanding your mind and why this process is so powerful.

Thought Clearing Sessions

Clear your limitations in this mind-shifting (literally) online sessions.

30-day Goal Assessment 

Achieve a new goal with your accountability coach and celebrate success.

The Program consists of a perfect blend of:

1. Training on the mind process and how to prevent future negativity

2. Coaching to help guide you out of your challenge and into your solution and 

3. Application of concepts to achieve results where you restore your self-worth!

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You were meant to achieve great things... Anything less is CRAP!


Online community membership fostering a supportive, impactful, fun learning environment

"Thought Journal" for your daily reflection

Weekly Q & A Review to assist in navigating you through your journey

GPS Tracker: "Where are you now?" Assessment

Task-based spiritual elevation - daily tasks to keep you aligned

The feeling you get when you finally find the solution to make your challenges disappear!


30-day goal follow up celebration and recognition





Cleansing Natural body detoxification tea to purify inside out



Higher Self Meditation audio to reprogram your thinking





Duplicable system for self-maintenance post-program



2 monthly post-check-in and guidance sessions





Indexed Resource Library for additional assistance



Over $2,000 in bonuses. 

ALL included in your program!

As seen on....

As see on


✅ Overcome insecurities and self-consciousness

✅ Increase confidence and improve self-esteem

✅ Reduce mental illnesses - anxiety, depression, and more

Gain mental clarity and peace of mind

✅ Be confident in your decisions

✅ Recover lost dreams and get rid of mediocre life standards



You ARE worth it!


Mentally Release & Restore

8-week Online Program with EXCLUSIVE GIFTS

Be Transformed Package

Total value over $5,000 

Limited time special offer of:

Get More with the "Be Transformed" Package!

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Get Started

  • Online Community Membership
  • Thought Journal and the #ThoughtCatch Challenge
  • Weekly Q & A Review
  • GPS Tracker: "Where are you now?" assessment
  • 3 Part Video Series - Mind Transformation

Get Serious

  • The Get Started Pkg
  • + 1 Personalized Assessment
  • + Task-based spiritual elevation
  • + Higher Self Meditation audio program
  • + Access to Advanced Training for Mind Transformation
  • + Cleansing Natural body detoxification (Lite)

Be Transformed

  • The Get Serious Pkg
  • + Thought Clearing Sessions
  • + 30-day Goal Assessment with an accountability coach
  • + 30-day goal follow up celebration and recognition
  • + 2 monthly post-check-in and guidance
  • + Duplicable system for self-maintenance post-program
  • + Cleansing Natural body detoxification
  • + Indexed Resource Library

For Groups

Conatct Office
  • Special Program for Leaders and Groups

Set Your Mind Free and Take Your Life Back!

It's time to CLEAR THE CRAP!

Gain the mental clarity and focus you deserve and start valuing who you really are!


Because you're worth it!

Clarity, Freedom and Fulfillment, Can be Yours!

It's time to clear the crap and live an empowered life!
It's time to clear the crap and live an empowered life!

What People Are Saying ...

"It's been an absolute blessing working with Chantelle.  Each conversation challenges my way of thinking and how natural it is for me to place limitations on myself without realizing it.  I would consider myself a positive person, but going through this experience has allowed me to catch my negative and limiting thoughts and bring more clarity and opportunity into my life."

- Kelsie M.

"Awareness is the first step to change."

- Chantelle Simone

Because You're

Because It's

Because We're

Worth It!