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Clear the Crap

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The Clear The Crap Kit will transform your thinking, so you can live an empowered life.





I want to stop the mental madness.  I'm ready to Clear the Crap!

Yes! I'm Ready to Transform My Thinking

Stop smiling on the outside while feeling empty on the inside.  Too many talented people are suffering from their own insecurities, damaging experiences, and a lack of true self-worth.

When you wonder if you'll ever get it right

Have you ever...

  • Talked yourself out of something that you wanted to do?
  • Said to yourself “I wish I was her” or “why can’t I be more like him?"
  • Felt that you were not WHERE you were supposed to be in life?
Well, you're definitely not alone and you are here for a reason.

What People Are Saying ...

"Going through the Thought Awareness process was a real eye opener for me.  I never knew how much my thoughts controlled what I do, say and believe.  I realized I was holding myself back from living because of my negative thoughts.  Now that I am more conscious of my thoughts I feel like I'm in control and living again."

- Quinn C.

What's Inside!

 Thought Journal

Powerful daily and weekly activities to reveal your mental patterns and more.

Reflection Calls

Monthly hands-on approach to gain clarity on how to achieve your goals.

 Progress Check-ins

Tailor-made questions designed to reveal your truth and progression.

Online Video Series

Learn HOW the mind works and WHAT to do to program it for success.

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Clear the Crap Kit is designed to transform your thinking.

To be aware of your thoughts and know how they impact your everyday decisions.

To have control to create more empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities.

Anything less is CRAP!


Community membership fostering a supportive, impactful, fun environment



Higher Self Meditation to teach you how to successfully connect within



Monthly Q & A Review to assist in navigating you through your journey Limited Availability.



Extra Swag to create an environment that will supercharge your success



Online resource library installing productive thinking to create success in your life



Over $5,000 in Bonuses.  ALL included in the cost of your kit!


  • Be the architect of your life, not the receiver
  • Overcome insecurities and self-consciousness
  • Shift your thinking and behavior - your results
  • Increase confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Reduce mental illnesses - anxiety and depression
  • Gain mental clarity and peace of mind
  • Learn how to be confident in your decisions
  • Recover lost dreams and get rid of sucky jobs, bad relationships, and mediocre life standards


Know that you ARE worth it!


Mentally Release & Restore


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This program is designed to transform your thinking, gain mental clarity and live a life of empowerment.

Have control to create more empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities.

Anything less is CRAP!

It's time to CLEAR THE CRAP!


Clear The Crap Kit gives you the tools to de-clutter those self defeating thoughts that plague your mind.

Avoid repeating those harmful memories that stop you from achieving the freedom you were designed for.

Gain mental clarity, focus, and shift your perspectives to empower your future!

Get the help you need from Mindologist Chantelle Simone. Her helpful kit is designed to help you gain self esteem, find your passion and purpose in life, and live that life with purpose.

You can never change
what you don't acknowledge

Change your thoughts from doubt, seconding guessing choices, fear, guilt, or any other negative self-defeating thoughts.

Gain clarity on what is occurring in your mind.


When enough is enough and you’re ready to take your life back.

Did You Know...

We have 90,000

thoughts per day


thoughts per minute


of our thoughts are negative


of our thoughts are repetitive

We become what we think about... What are you Thinking?

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals

You are not alone.  You'll be part of the In Your Gift community of supportive people who are seeking more out of life. A great platform for those who feel stuck in life, have constant negative thoughts, are unclear of what to do next, or simply need a reminder of their truth.  


What People Are Saying ...

"It's been an absolute blessing working with Chantelle.  Each conversation challenges my way of thinking and how natural it is for me to place limitations on myself without realizing it.  I would consider myself a positive person, but going through this experience has allowed me to catch my negative and limiting thoughts and bring more clarity and opportunity into my life."

- Kelsie M.


Get over $6,000 in value, 50% savings and free shipping!

Purchase your kit and Transform Your Thinking today!

Clear The Crap Kit

  • Thought Journal with powerful daily and weekly activities that reveal your thought pattern.
  • Online Video Series demonstrating HOW the mind works and WHAT to do to program it for success.
  • Progress Check-in includes tailor-made review questions designed to reveal deep truths about yourself and connect to your highest potential.
  • Monthly Group Sessions providing a hands-on approach to program your mind for success.

Complimentary Bonuses

  • Participate in a supportive, impactful, fun environment with your complimentary membership to the In Your Gift online community.
  • Get assistance in navigating through your journey using Q & A Submission.
  • Create an environment that will supercharge your success with the Ultimate Swag Pack.
  • Learn to connect to your inner self through higher Self Meditation.
  • Install effective thinking to lead you to successful outcomes in your life by accessing our valuable Online Resource Library for tips on improving self confidence and finding your passion and purpose in life.

When you master your mind,
you master your world!

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About Your Mindologist!

Chantelle Simone is recognized as a prominent leader in the field of Mind-Mastery. As a Mindologist with over 17 years in the training and coaching industry, Chantelle has helped thousands of people shift their thinking. Her five master certifications in the mind-mastery field, including neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, and business process re-engineering has assisted her in toward achieving her goal of changing people's lives to live on purpose.


Her ability to influence and change lives has given many people control over their thinking.  Chantelle is known to help people reduce major mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and an unfulfilled life. She is now sharing this mental transformation process around the globe contributing to her mission of transforming souls, renewing minds, and getting to the core of who we truly are to live a fulfilled life on purpose.

"All becomes clear when you know who you are"

— Chantelle Simone

Shouldn't you start thinking about
what you thinking about?

confident woman

Yes! I'm Ready to Transform My Thinking

Because You ARE ...

... Worth It!