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Calling all:

  • Global Leaders

  • Women business owners

  • Entrepreneurs on the move

  • Women working with teams

  • Influencers with a large platform

  • Women taking leadership in her life & home


If you identify with any one of these and you want to continue to serve at your highest value, this offer is for you!

Who's Supporting You?

I'm Chantelle Simone and I assist women in business that are internally frustrated or have broken relationships, reveal their unconscious blocks so they can stop pretending everything is okay and finally address the blind spots in their personal leadership.

As a Leader, Business Owner, or Influencer, you consistently need to put your best foot forward. You are expected to stay strong, being the example and support for everyone else, yet who's supporting you?

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Join Our Exclusive Tribe of Powerful Women

Join a group of powerful, supportive, focused women who are driven to continuously excel at being the best versions of themselves. These women access the most revolutionary Mind Transformation Process on the planet that allows them to operate at their highest value and authentically serve.

Reconnect to your truth

Get real with yourself! The most self-aware program that enables you to walk in your power with authentic peace, love, and joy.  You know you deserve this but haven’t cracked the code of truly obtaining it.

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Here's the Deal...

We all have

  • shown up to work confident and self-assured, but deep down felt frustrated, unsupported, or misunderstood
  • had people complimenting us, yet we say to ourselves, "if you only knew..."
  • seen ourselves helping masses of people, but you haven't cracked the code to get started

Something is off, and you know it!  Here's what you can do...

Align to Your Truth, Serve at Your Highest Value

"Chantelle Simone is a very passionate, powerful leader of this next generation of speakers. Being a Mindologist, she provides the tools and resources that leverage the power of the mind to shift people's thinking and life to the next level. She will pull the greatness out of you!"


~ Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker

Chantelle Simone with Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time.
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Book Time With Us To Determine How
This Can Benefit You.

Introducing Mindology Academy for Leaders!

Mindology Academy leverages the most revolutionary mind transformation process you will ever experience.

Discover how to:

  • reconnect to the core of who you are
  • leverage and fully apply life-changing concepts
  • strengthen your relationships with yourself, your family, your teams and the creator of the universe

We are currently accepting enrollments for Founding Members! Book a call to learn more and secure your spot!

We've got what your looking for!
We've got what your looking for!

What's In It For YOU?

  • Be valued and supported authentically

  • Become comfortable in your own skin

  • Reconnect to your truth

  • Stop unconsciously rejecting your blessings

  • Learn how serving yourself = serving others MORE

  • Avoid the burnout of superwomen and gain a single focus

  • Zone-in on your true value

  • Avoid being compromised for anything or anyone

  • Implement misunderstood divine principles

  • Gain clarity on misconceptions that create a false sense of success

What Are You Thinking?

After working with tens of thousands of women leaders from small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies, women leaders think challenges would be solved by focusing on these elements below.


Think... you need more clients


Think... you need more money


Think... you need more



Think... you need more


98% of women leaders have it wrong!

Effective Leadership Begins in the Mind of the Leader

We have been educating women in leadership for over a decade. Teaching how to truly operate at their highest potential by offering ways to effectively manage mindset, outcomes, and results.

How do you show up?

How are you adding value?

How are others treating you?

YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS!  It's a reflection of how you think.

"Working with Chantelle was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made for my personal growth and leadership skills. Chantelle’s authentic and powerful energy gave me permission to let go of who I felt I needed to be in order to become who I was destined to be. She modeled to me how to tap into my inner greatness. We had powerful sessions that kept taking my mindset to the next level and I’ve never been so excited to live on purpose and for the women I am becoming. Things have never been so clear and focused and that to me is PRICELESS!"

Shirley Tran

Freedom Lifestyle Coach

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Book Time With Us To Determine How
This Can Benefit You.

What's Included In the Mindology Academy?

what you get with value

Success Stories

"Chantelle helped me feel more confident and sure about my path in entrepreneurship. I used to feel scattered and now I am totally clear. I highly recommend working with her."


Cherene Francis

Media Personality

"This was wonderful; Chantelle is very skilled at accurately and practically breaking down very complex topics. I got a few "aha" moments. Looking forward to attending future sessions."


Ife Badego

Founder at iN4SUCCESS

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