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Meet Chantelle Simone

Chantelle Simone, a Mindologist with over 17 years in the training and coaching industry, has helped thousands of people shift their thinking and is recognized as a prominent leader of Mind Mastery. Her five master certifications in the this field, including Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Business Process Re-engineering has assisted in her goal to change women's lives by reducing major mental conditions that lead to an unfulfilled life.

She is now sharing this mental transformation process around the globe contributing to her mission of transforming souls, renewing minds and getting to the core of who we truly are to live fulfilled and on purpose.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Management, she expanded her professional reach globally to Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean.

Chantelle held global leadership roles as a board member of the Women Island Network, past president & mentor of a Corporate Speakers Group, Executive Leader and Speaker for a Professional Development Company, and the 2011 keynote speaker for the Woman On Fire Empowerment event. As a Certified Change Management Practitioner from Prosci Management, she was a catalyst for change at a Fortune 500 organization such as Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan where she certified executives and management in Business Processing and the highly esteemed YMCA Business Centre.

Recognized as a prominent leader in Mind- Mastery and life purpose, Chantelle Simone shared the stage with top motivational speakers, Les Brown, 2-time world series Baseball Champion Todd Stoddmyer and was featured on Canada’s Rogers TV Network, “In the Now” radio, “Unlimited Boundaries” podcasts and many more. Her mission is to transform souls, renew minds and get to the core of who you truly are to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Chantelle Simone, B.COMM, MNLP, MTLT, MCHt, MNLP, LSSMBB
Board Designated Training Institute
1 of less than 500 NLP Trainers World Wide.


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    About Her Work

    Her unique online programs, trainings, live events and coaching assist those who are ready to take the next step towards a purpose-filled life. Her content is filled with concepts learned through her own personal transformation, years of in-depth studies, elevated mentorship and divine direction. The Cmoné Method™ is a revolutionary mind-shifting self-mastery process that applies to everyone who wants to gain the clarity, confidence, and freedom associated with embracing the true you and operating in your life’s calling now.

    She teaches quantum mind-body techniques that guide you to success and guarantees results (especially when working individually on a personal breakthrough).

    Chantelle is known for being an engaging and passionate speaker with several years of training & development using her gift of shifting others toward an empowering perspective.  She helps you to get to the root of who you are and to live on purpose.

    Chantelle At Machu Pichu

    For direct inquiries about working with Chantelle, participating in her programs or speaking engagements please contact her at

    Living On Purpose

    Teaching You to Navigate Life on Purpose

    In her personal time, Chantelle engages in her love of music as a way to fuel the soul. This often rolls into enriching her spirituality which holds great importance and is the foundation of her works.

    She has a love of traveling, especially where the sun shines. She has lived in 9 cities in 6 countries, Canada, the USA, Australia, Japan, England, and the Caribbean Islands.

    Some of her life’s highlights include: climbing Machu Picchu, getting baptized with the Holy Spirit, experiencing Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival, having the greatest parents in the world, swimming in Australia's wonder of the world - The Great Barrier Reef, building and leading an international business team of over 1,000 people, being a life strategist, eating what she wants when she wants 🙂 with no serious impact on her health and being an overcomer!

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      Shirley Profile

      "Working with Chantelle was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made for my personal growth and leadership skills. Chantelle’s authentic and powerful energy gave me permission to let go of who I felt I needed to be in order to become who I was destined to be. She modelled to me how to tap into my inner greatness. We had powerful sessions that kept taking my mindset to the next level and I’ve never been so excited to live on purpose and for the women I am becoming. Things have never been so clear and focused and that to me is PRICELESS!"

      Shirley Tran

      Freedom Lifestyle Coach

      Mental Health Program For Teens


      Your contribution supports the development of teens to overcome mental challenges by discovering their true self-worth, knowing they are good enough and to stop comparing themselves with others.

      Many are suffering in silence and through this mental health program, we allow students to transform their thinking while connecting them to a community that offers a consistent support system to shift how they think.

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