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Clear the Crap Kit (3 Monthly Pmts)

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Learn how your thoughts are impacting your everyday decisions.  Transform your thinking to create empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities.



Clear The Crap Kit is designed to transform your thinking, give you awareness of your thoughts and how they impact your everyday decisions. Learn to create empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities.  Anything less is crap.

The three monthly payments of $347.00 USD ($461.51 CDN) allows you to easily access the kit without putting a strain on finances.  Purchase your kit and Transform Your Thinking today!

What’s inside?

  • Thought Journal with powerful daily and weekly activities that reveal your thought pattern
  • Online Video Series demonstrating HOW the mind works and WHAT to do to program it for success
  • Progress Check-in includes tailor-made review questions designed to reveal deep truths about yourself and connect to your highest potential
  • Monthly Group Sessions a hands-on approach on how to program your mind for success.

Complimentary Bonuses valued over $5,000

  • Participate in a supportive, impactful, fun environment with your complimentary membership to the In Your Gift online community
  • Get assistance in navigating through your journey using Q & A Submission
  • Create an environment that will supercharge your success with the Ultimate Swag Pack
  • Learn to connect to your inner self through higher Self Meditation
  • Install effective thinking to lead you to successful outcomes in your life by accessing our valuable Online Resource Library


  • Clarity on you current mental state
  • Insights on how to control your thoughts
  • Courage and belief that you can have the life you desire
  • A strategy to get unstuck from your negative thought cycle
  • Advice from one of the leading Mindologists