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Be Transformed Pkg – Clear the Crap Program

$ 1,997 $ 997

Learn how your thoughts are impacting your everyday decisions.  Transform your thinking to create empowering thoughts that align with your natural abilities.



Clear The Crap Kit is designed to transform your thinking, give you awareness of your thoughts, how to heal from the past and how to release emotional baggage that is slowing us down from getting our goals.

What’s included?

  • 1 Personalized Assessment
  • 3 Part Video Series – Mind Transformation (how and why it works)
  • 3 Thought Clearing Sessions
  • 30-day Goal Assessment with an accountability coach

Additional Resources:

  • Online Community Membership
  • Thought Journal and the #ThoughtCatch Challenge
  • GPS Tracker: “Where are you now?” assessment
  • Weekly Q & A Review
  •  Task-based spiritual elevation

PLUS Extra Bonuses:

  • + 2 Preparation videos from the WakeUp and Live show + Comment
  • + Higher Self Meditation audio program
  • + 30-day goal follow up celebration and recognition
  • + 2 monthly post-check-in and guidance
  • + Duplicable system for self-maintenance post-program
  • + Cleansing Natural body detoxification
  • + Indexed Resource Library


  • Clarity on your current mental state
  • Insights on how to control your thoughts
  • Courage and belief that you can have the life you desire
  • A strategy to get unstuck from your negative thought cycle
  • Advice from one of the leading Mindologists

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